Nordsøenheden Board

The Nordsøenheden Board of Directors was established in 2014 and has six members 

Picture of Henrik Normann, Chairman of the Board

Henrik Normann, Chairman

  • Chairman of the Board at Fournais Holding A/S, Investeringsforeningen Maj Invest, Saga Private Equity and Syfoglomad Limited
  • Vice Chairman at Esperante Investments S.à.r.l. and Saxo Bank A/S



Picture of Karsten Knudsen, Vice Chairman of the Board

Karsten Knudsen, Vice Chairman

  • Chairman of the investment committee at SEED Capital Denmark
  • Member of the board at Vækst-Invest Nordjylland A/S, D/S NORDEN, A/S Motortramp, A/S D/S Orients Fond, Obel-LFI Ejendomme A/S, Polaris Equity IV Foundation and Velliv Pension og Livsforsikring




Picture of Christian Herskind, member of the Board

Christian Herskind

  • Chairman of the board at Taulov Dryport A/S, Fonden Amager Bakke, Labflex A/S and Skive Holding Aps 
  • Member of the board at SKAKO A/S, SKAKO Vibration A/S, LM Byg A/S, Su Misura A/S, Fonden Peter Skram, BNS A/S, Associated Danish Ports A/S and Pihl & Søn A/S



Henrik Dam Kristensen

Picture of Mads Andersen, member of the Board

Mads Andersen

  • Chairman of the Industry Group 3F and Industriens Pension
  • Vice Chairman at CO-industri
  • Member of the board at Danmarks Innovationsfond
Picture of Signe Thustrup Kreiner, member of the Board

Signe Thustrup Kreiner

  • CFO at Sund&Bælt
  • CEO at A/S Storebælt
  • CEO at A/S Øresund


Inquiries to the board can be send to