Oil and gas activities

Nordsøfonden is a non-operated partner in the production of oil and gas, thus helping to assure supplies of energy and raw materials to the European market, and to secure income for the Danish state.


Oil and gas

Denmark has been an oil and gas producing nation for more than half a century, and this production has contributed positively to the development of the welfare state, and to reinforcing security of energy supply in Denmark.

The Danish government has now set 2050 as the end date for activities in the oil and gas sector. Nordsøfonden will continue working to optimise production until then, on the basis that oil and gas continues to play a key role in our society, even in the midst of the green transition.

Oil and gas licences

We are involved as a partner in all licences allocated after 2005, where our role is to manage the interests of the Danish state

Producing fields

We are an active state participant in 13 producing fields in the Danish part of the North Sea


Nordsøfonden has produced oil and gas since 2012.

Our role

Nordsøfonden is a consistent participant in more-or-less all activities in the Danish section of the North Sea, and our strength lies in our interdisciplinary knowledge and insight into Danish subsoil. In this context we assess the opportunities open to us and focus on solving problems.

We are involved from start to finish, thus assuring continuity in the activities in the Danish subsurface resources. Our task is of major societal significance – now and in the future.