Nordsøfonden and Nordsøenheden

Common asset

Denmark’s subsurface constitutes a common asset and should be utilised to the benefit of Danish society

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Carbon storage

The CCS technology is to play a key role in achieving Denmark's national climate targets. Nordsøfonden represents the Danish state as a partner in all CO2 storage licences in Denmark.

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Tyra II

The production from Tyra II was resumes march 2024. Read more about the enormous project.  

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We generate value by exploiting the potential of Denmark's subsurface assets

We pay all our profits into the state Treasury


We focus on limiting the environmental footprint from our activities

Oil and gas in Denmark

Oil and gas have been produced from the Danish part of the North Sea since 1972, when the Dan field started production. Denmark has thus been an oil and gas-producing nation for almost half a century.

The Danish production of oil and gas benefits Danish society in several ways. For example, it generates revenue for the state, creates jobs and helps assure a reliable supply of energy.

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