Our responsibility

We have a responsibility to ensure that our activities as a whole benefit society and that we manage our assignment in an ethical and responsible manner. We therefore conduct our work with all due consideration to societal, environmental and social conditions.

Nordsøfonden produces oil and gas, and by doing so helps to assure supplies of the energy and raw materials that are fundamental to the functioning of a modern society. The green transition is well under way, but we are still going to need oil and gas for many years. There can be no doubt that the production and consumption of fossil fuels has an impact on our environment and climate, however. It is for this very reason that we are committed to ensuring that we carry out our activities responsibly, so as to limit the environmental footprint of the production.

Nordsøfonden participates on behalf of the Danish state in all licences for carbon storage underground and by utilising this opportunity, we can help reduce emissions to the atmosphere. By using the geological structures for carbon storage, we can make a significant contribution to achieving both Danish and European climate goals. 

Our work involves great responsibly

We at Nordsøfonden are well aware of the role we play in Danish society, and of our responsibility to our licence partners, owner and employees.

We work ambitiously with our social responsibility within the framework that has been established for our business. We do so by making demands both on ourselves and on our partners.

Nordsøfonden’s CSR policy describes the organisation’s social responsibility and sets the framework for our activities in this area. Our primary areas of focus are safety, sustainability, requirements on suppliers and “housekeeping”.

In order to support our policy, we have prepared Codes of Conduct for our employees and suppliers.

Codes of Conduct

We want the distinguishing features of our staff to be a high level of integrity and trustworthiness. We have therefore implemented a Code of Conduct that provides our staff with guidance about how the business is to be run, and sets out our standards for the behaviour we expect from our employees.

We similarly require our suppliers and partners to display good behaviour. Our Supplier Code of Conduct lays down our requirements with regard to the environment, human rights, anti-corruption, occupational health and safety, and so on.

Our suppliers and partners are obliged to comply with this policy in all their activities for Nordsøfonden.


We focus on limiting the environmental footprint from our activities