Nordsøfonden's oil and gas production

Since July 2012, Nordsøfonden has produced oil and gas in the Danish part of the North Sea. Nordsøfonden is partner in 13 producing fields.


Nordsøfonden's oil production, 2012-2023

The declining trend since 2012 is mainly due to a natural decline in recovery from the fields, as the majority of fields have already produced the bulk of the expected recoverable oil. In addition, these aging fields require more maintenance of wells, pipelines and platforms. This maintenance work often causes a loss or delay in production.

The large decline in production in 2020 was due to the temporarily shut down of the Tyra field's installations and the nearby satellite fields in September 2019 due to the Tyra field redevelopment project. The production from the Tyra installations was resumed in march 2024. 

Nordsøfonden's gas production, 2012-2023

Gas production has been relatively stable since 2012, and the small declining trend is due to a natural decline in production. In 2020, however, gas production was more than halved compared to production in 2019. The decline was due to the temporary shut-down of the Tyra field installation in September 2019 . The production from the Tyra field installation was resumed in march 2024.

The graph shows exported gas.

Nordsøfonden's share of fuel and flare 2012-2023

A part of the gas production is used as fuel in gas turbines on the platforms, and a small part of the gas is flared without use for technical and safety reasons.