Who are we

Nordsøfonden is the Danish State Subsurface Resource Company. We produce oil and gas and work to store CO2 in the underground.


Our assignment

Nordsøfonden is the Danish state company, tasked with generating value for Danish society by exploiting the potential of Denmark’s subsurface assets.

Nordsøfonden rests on two pillars: We produce oil and gas, thus helping to assure supplies of energy and raw materials. At the same time, we are the state participant in all licences for underground carbon storage, where we work to ensure reduction of emissions to the atmosphere.

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Oil and gas in Denmark

For decades now, the production of oil and gas has made Danish society more affluent and contributed to the development of our welfare. The ultimate objective is a fossil-free society, but Denmark still needs oil and gas during the transition phase

Carbon storage

Nordsøfonden is partner in all licences for carbon storage in Denmark. Here we will work to reduce emissions to the atmosphere.

Our responsibility

We have a responsibility to ensure that our activities as a whole benefit society, and that we manage our assignment in an ethical and responsible manner

Danish subsurface

Denmark's subsurface resources constitute a common asset and should be utilised to the benefit of Danish society.