Nordsøenheden administrates Nordsøfonden. Together, these two entities constitute the Danish state’s Danish State subsurface resource company.


Our set-up

Nordsøfonden is owned by the Danish state through the office of the Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. Nordsøfonden is administrated by Nordsøenheden, which is an independent public company.

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Legal foundation and finance

Nordsøfonden and Nordsøenheden were established through an Act of parliament. Their purpose is to manage the participation of the Danish state in Danish oil and gas licences and licenses for CO2 storage.


We are a small, professional workplace. The staff members come from a variety of educational backgrounds and together, they represent a broad scope of professional skills


Nordsøenheden has its own Board of Directors, which is tasked with supporting Nordsøenheden in its work, role and responsibility

Important role

Nordsøfonden is involved from start to finish, thus assuring continuity in the activities in the Danish subsurface resources. As a consistent player in the work with Danish underground resources, we operate at the intersection where partners, operators and authorities meet.