The Tyra field is getting ready for restart


Today, Monday 22 January 2024, TotalEnergies has on behalf of DUC sent out a REMIT message to the gas market and published the following statement: 

Esbjerg, 22 January 2024 – The preparation for restart of Tyra is progressing according to plan, although a number of operational uncertainties remain in this final phase. The project progress to date indicates that the current restart date of 31 March 2024 remains valid but depending on project progress, it could be reached earlier in March. The outcome of tests now suggests that a ramp-up to full technical capacity is expected to take four months from the restart.

Tests and inspections to ensure highest safety levels 

Many crucial milestones have been achieved on the Tyra Redevelopment in 2023 such as the reconnection of Tyra to the surrounding fields and Denmark, power-up of key systems and reopening of first wells.

"As we continue our Tyra journey, I am amazed by what we have achieved until now. In the past year, we have worked diligently, reaching impressive milestones and advancing the project towards re-start. 2024 started at full speed, and we have now completed more than 80% of the commissioning scope on Tyra East and tested all the key machines. We are now very close to the first gas deliveries," says Michael Lindholm Pihl Larsen, TotalEnergies’ Technical Project Leader at Tyra Redevelopment.

More than 1,400 people offshore and over 230 people on land continue to work hard on the final redevelopment activities. Right now, the team does final tests and verifies the new equipment and systems and there are some areas that require a last effort and fine tuning. The key focus before the first gas export remains to ensure that the safety and emergency systems are fully functional. 

Delivering the full potential of the Tyra hub 

Tyra and the surrounding fields Svend, Roar, Harald, Valdemar and Tyra Southeast were put into idle mode to enable the redevelopment. Therefore, work is ongoing to re-power systems, re-establish communications and network, unplug wells and verify safe working conditions. Once the re-establishment is completed and the conditions are safe, all fields will be gradually restarted – an important contribution to energy security and independence in Denmark and Europe. 

The tests now indicate that the ramp-up period is expected to take four months from the restart. However, during the ramp-up period, if capacity variations occur, these may result in an extension of the ramp-up period.

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Julie Frisch-Jensen
Senior Communications Consultant