New Danish oil field in production


First oil was produced from the Ravn field on the 6. January 2017, and stable production from the field commenced in March after technical challenges. The field is operated by Wintershall Noordzee B.V., which is new to the Danish area. Nordsøfonden has a 36.36 % share in the project.

Important information retrieved from the front-runner Ravn

The development and production from Ravn field is the first step in a possible further development of the area "Greater Ravn". The experience and data obtained from the Phase One development and the production in the coming year will be included in the assessment of the potential for development of the discovery Hibonite and other prospects in this area.

"The Ravn field is a front runner in many ways, and Nordsøfonden welcomes that the Ravn field now has come on stream despite technical challenges on the way"

says Birgitta Jacobsen, CEO of Nordsøfonden.

"The experiences from this project and the production data are valuable for further development of this part of the North Sea". "We look forward to continuing the good collaboration with Wintershall Nordzee as operator in years to come".

The Ravn development

The oil field Ravn is located in the Danish part of the North Sea near the Danish-German border. The field was discovered as early as 1986. At that time, the discovery was not considered commercial with the current technology and the area was relinquished. In the 6th Licensing Round in 2006, Wintershall Noordzee B.V. was granted a licence that covers the Ravn field. Today’s technology and a new view on the data led to the decision to develop the field.

The development of the Ravn field is divided into phases and this first phase consists of an unmanned platform with two wells. The sandstone reservoir depth is 4,000 meters.

The production from the Ravn field is exported unprocessed via an 8 inch pipeline to the German processing platform A6-A, which is located approximately 18 km from Ravn platform. After processing, the oil is sent via an existing export pipeline to the F3 platform in the Netherlands, from where the oil is exported by tanker, see map.


  Map and summary

The Ravn field is located in licence 5/06 and 2/16. Wintershall Noordzee B.V. is the operator with a 63.64% share. Nordsøfonden has the remaining share of 36.36%. Nordsøfonden has acquired shares in addition to the 20 % given, when the licence was granted.