New managing director for Nordsøenheden


On June 1, 2016 Birgitta Jacobsen is named new CEO for Nordsøenheden.

Birgitta Jacobsen replaces Peter Helmer Steen, Nordsøenheden's current CEO, who at an age of 70 wants to retire. Peter Helmer Steen continues as consultant for Nordsøenheden for the remaining year.

Nordsøenheden's board has chosen to employ Birgitta Jacobsen as new CEO. Birgitta Jacobsen holds a degree in Economics, MSc in Oil and Gas Management, and has 15 years of experience from State energy administration.

Chairman Henrik Normann looks forward to welcoming the new CEO:

"In Birgitta Jacobsen we have found the right leader with a unique insight into both the oil and gas industry and the regulatory framework within which the industry operates. She will competently move Nordsøfonden forward and ensure an active and professional participation in the oil and gas licences. Nordsøfonden has a special role to play in ensuring that we - also in the long term - get the most value out of the subsoil. We believe that Birgitta Jacobsen is the right person to spearhead this work."

Birgitta Jacobsen has throughout her working life worked with energy policy, with particular emphasis on supervision and regulation of the oil and gas sector, inter alia, as an economist, Head and Deputy Director of the Danish Energy Agency.

"It is a great and exciting challenge to continue state participation in oil and gas activities in the Danish area. Coming up is key decisions that have great importance for ensuring long-term production of Danish oil and gas resources. Getting the most out of future production activities will contribute to both the Treasury as employment in the sector, and I look forward to leading Nordsøfonden’s contribution."