Lille John-2 appraisal well encounters oil in the Danish North Sea


Read the press release from Danish Energy Agency:

In 2011 the Licensee in licence 12/06 drilled the Lille John-1 exploration well and made the Lille John oil discovery in sandstones of Miocene age. The Lille John-2 appraisal well and a side-track, Lille John-2A, were drilled in order to further evaluate the extent of the discovery.

Lille John-2 was drilled as a vertical well and reached its total depth 1344 meters below mean sea level in clay stones of Miocene age. Cores were taken and a comprehensive logging programme was carried out. During a production test oil and gas was produced. Subsequently a deviated side-track was drilled.

The results of the well will now be evaluated by the companies in order to assess if the oil discovery can be produced commercially.

Lille John-2 was spudded on 12 December 2014 with the jack-up rig Paragon C20052 at the position 55° 25’ 11.309” N, 04° 50’ 08.648” E (UTM zone 31; 6,143,176 m N; 616,199 m E), where the water depth is 44.2 metres.


See attached map 


The following companies participate in licence 12/06:

Dana Petroleum Denmark B.V.     40.0 %
PA Resources UK Ltd.                 19.0 %
PA Resources Denmark ApS          5.0 %
Spyker Energy ApS                      8.0 %
Danoil Exploration A/S                 8.0 %
Nordsøfonden                            20.0 %