Restart of production from the Tyra field delayed to the winter season 2023/24


Today, Wednesday 3 August, TotalEnergies has on behalf of DUC sent out a REMIT message to the gas market and published the following statement: 

First gas from the redeveloped Tyra field will be delayed to the winter season 2023/24 due to manufacturing and supply chain disruptions.

Since the investment decision in 2017 to redevelop the Tyra field, the complex megaproject has been progressed with activities in the Danish North Sea and at construction yards in Italy, Spain, Singapore and Indonesia. At this moment, seven out of eight platforms have been safely and successfully installed, and work is ongoing to connect the new Tyra II to the existing offshore infrastructure. The process module under construction in Batam, Indonesia, will be the last major component to be installed.

During the first half of 2022, the ripple effects from the COVID-19 pandemic continued to disrupt the supply chains and staffing levels at the Batam yard. At the same time, some unexpected manufacturing issues concerning key equipment have added delays.

The departure of the module from Batam will be maintained in early September in order to meet the scheduled time for installation in the Danish North Sea. Due to the significant delays, the module will now have to leave the yard incomplete, and the remaining manufacturing work will be carried out upon arrival at the Tyra field. This has a significant impact on the overall project timeline, and it will require more than 500,000 manhours and the mobilization of more than 500 additional workers in the Danish North Sea.

TotalEnergies and the Danish Underground Consortium partners are fully aware of the critical energy supply situation in Europe and are doing their utmost to bring Tyra back into production as soon as possible. In addition, we are working on increasing the short-term gas production by optimizing existing production.

With reference to the above statement, Birgitta Jacobsen, CEO of Nordsøfonden, says:

"Due to problems with completion of the process module, the production restart from Tyra II will be delayed. The postponement of production restart comes at a time, where the Danish and European gas market is under pressure due to the current geopolitical situation.

The redevelopment of Tyra is a giant and very complex project and there are still many challenges to be tackled in the months to come. Despite full focus on progressing construction of the process module, insurmountable challenges with predominately COVID-19 leading to disruption of the supply chains has resulted in further delay of the project.

Together with our partners, TotalEnergies and Noreco, Nordsøfonden will continue to direct all our efforts to ensuring the field is ready for production as soon as possible. The completion of Tyra II is undoubtedly the highest priority for Nordsøfonden"


Birgitta Jacobsen