• Article: Renewed activity in the North Sea

    Publiceret 02-07-2019
    Technical Articles

    fter a number of years without new exploration wells, companies now show interest in exploration and drilling in the Danish part of the North Sea again. The latest exploration well in Denmark was Xana..

  • Article: Is there a pattern? Trends can set an example for exploration

    Publiceret 07-11-2017
    Technical Articles

    How does one locate prospective areas in the pursuit of oil and gas? One way is to search for patterns in our subsurface knowledge and understanding to locate possible trends. Accumulations of oil and ...

  • Article: Successful development of the Tyra Southeast field

    Publiceret 13-09-2017
    Technical Articles

    In March 2017, the ninth and final well of the development of Tyra Southeast Field was handed over to production. This completes a successful development project.

  • Article: Production from the Ravn field opens new possibilities

    Publiceret 17-03-2017
    Technical Articles

    Oil production from the Ravn field commenced in the beginning of 2017. Since award in the Danish 1st Round in 1984 the Ravn area has been extensively studied by various companies. The presence of oi..