Nordsøenheden is distinguished by an informal working environment with the emphasis on development and change. It is a small workplace, where we focus on collaboration and project-oriented task handling.

Principal tasks

As a member of the Nordsøenheden staff, you will be working with the Danish oil and gas production, gaining insight into all links of the value chain: from the initial exploration of the subsoil deposits, through development and production, to the final sale of the oil and gas.

We are involved in all phases of the work concerning licences, and we participate in technical, financial, legal and commercial discussions with operators and other partners about which activities are to be initiated.

The working day

Nordsøenheden navigates through a complex, ever-changing environment influenced by strong market participants and significant political interests. The distinguishing features of the working day are challenging tasks and a high level of independence.

We work both in teams and in interdisciplinary project groups, and we prioritise tasks on the basis of unswerving focus on our overarching goals and strategic areas of initiative.

Our staff come from a variety of educational backgrounds, and together, we represent a broad, solid base of professional skills.

Positions vacant

There are currently no positions vacant at Nordsøfonden.

As we are a public company, we can only offer employment to candidates who have applied to advertised positions. This means that we do not accept unsolicited applications as we cannot offer employment on the basis of same.